Dungeon Crawler Atlas Generator

A small tool for generating image atlases to be used in development of dungeon crawlers.

I have also made available the DungeonRenderer JavaScript class used for previewing the generated atlas.

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Tile width:
Offset X:
Offset Y:
Offset Z:
Tilt (pitch):
Shift Z:
Note: For best results keep vertical edges straight using "Shift Z".
Atlas padding:
Texture filtering:
Wire color:
Background image:
Note: Right click on tileset to save image to disk or copy to clipboard.
Built-in textures
Uploaded textures
(No textures here yet)


  • Add option to flip textures on the right side for decal layers they are correctly orientated relative to the left side.
  • Support for uploading and rendering strips of images (burning torch etc.)
  • Parameter for changing square depth to counter for weird rectangular square sizes in wide perspective.
  • Add other export formats (XML, CSV, Bin?)



  • Added option to view background image behind wireframe preview. This simplifies the process of emulating old classic dungeon perspectives. Note: Load a background image as a texture.
  • Added parameter for changing wireframe color.
  • Fixed saving and loading of fog color.


  • Now generates and saves minified JSON.
  • Save/load settings presets


  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused an error when adding/removing and rearranging layers.


  • Now you can save generated JSON to local file.
  • Now you can save and load settings presets to local file.
  • Added X-offset parameter for horizontal adjustment of camera.


  • Added a layer for rendering objects placed at the center of a square.
  • The floor and ceiling layers now render separate tiles instead of a whole background.
  • Fixed a bug where the uploaded texture thumbnail didn't update correctly.


  • Now you can upload multiple textures at once. Existing textures with matching names will be replaced.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use certain keyboard keys after closing the dungeon viewer.
  • Fixed a bug wich sometimes caused incorrect layer ordering after uploading a texture.


  • Added Y offset parameter for decal layers so that user can adjust vertical position of decal.
  • Added a "Decal" layer type which allows you to render signs, torches, keyholes etc., and it lets you scale output to desired size.
  • Renamed "Shading" to "Fog" and added properties for where fog starts and where it ends.
  • Added a color picker for fog color.
  • The background color of the dungeon viewer matches the fog color.


  • Added a Copy to clipboard button for the generated JSON.
  • Fixed a small bug which caused images rendered on to the atlas to be 1 pixel shorter than expected.
  • Extracted the DungeonRenderer class to a separate page where you can learn how to use it and to download all files needed to get it running.
  • Included resolution width/height and dungeon depth/width in the JSON output.
  • Fixed CSS rendering issues on some browsers/platforms.
  • Layers can now be moved up and down in the layer list.


  • Now you can render floor and ceiling layers.
  • Major UI redesign.
  • Added support for layers. Now you can generate multiple wall sets to a single atlas.
  • Users can now upload their own textures.
  • Added toggles for layers in dungeon view


  • Removed the id property in generated JSON because it was never used for anything.
  • Prettier display of generated JSON.
  • Added this change log.

I made this tool to simplify the process of making the tilesets for 2D dungeon crawlers. Traditionally these are drawn by hand which can be a tedious and difficult process. This tool lets you generate blank image atlas templates to be used as a base for manual pixelling, or generate fully textured and ready to use image atlases.

- zooperdan

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