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Theme: Day | Night

Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows   Developer: Asakusa Studios, Happinet   Publisher: Happinet   Year: 2017   Tags: Historical, Horror, Party split, Real-time combat  


A Japanese "yokai" castle-maze adventure inspired by the real-time first person dungeon RPGs of the 1980s. Infiltrate the mysterious Hyakki Castle that appeared in a land of exiles as part of a secret anti-supernatural government group and defeat its master!

The game reproduces Yokai from ancient Japanese literature, including the giant skeleton Gasha Dokuro and a Yokai made up of a woman's head and arm. Many creepy and terrifying monsters will appear. They await your secret agents (players) in Hyakki Castle. Powerful bosses will be unleashed at certain points as you make your way up through the castle. Aim for the tower, where the master of the castle awaits!

The game has a split party system that uses the Tokugawa treasure item Ishin no Ofuda. The player can freely split up into two parties at any time (the game will go into split screen mode). When necessary, split into two teams to deal with the traps and challenges in the room. In addition, the party you aren't controlling will use spells to temporarily harden themselves, increasing their stamina. Attack enemies from the rear to deal massive damage. Use the hardened party with high stamina as a decoy, and send the other around to the back.


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