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Kobold Slayer

Platforms: Mac OS, Windows   Developer: Montino   Publisher: Montino   Year: 2018   Tags: Fantasy, Turn-based combat  


You are a wandering peasant, you have heard news of an ancient dungeon ruin discovered nearby a town with many hidden treasures, enough to make oneself a king. However it has also been reported that the notorious Kobolds, beasts, murderers, thieves and evil wizards have taken refuge within the dungeon over the years. It will be no easy task. You walk into the town tavern to meet with others to join in on your quest.

Are you ready to step into the world of Kobold Slayer?
Kobold Slayer brings back the classic game play of the 3D fantasy role playing dungeon genre.

  • Traverse a multi-floored 3d dungeon with monsters and traps around every corner.
  • Build a party of Fighters, Sorcerers, Thieves, Ninja's and Samurai to face the various foes lurking the dungeons.
  • Do combat with a vast number of originally designed monsters with a number of weapons, armors and items scrolls.
  • Just like the old 3d dungeon games, the difficulty is set to high on default. It may take hours, even days to level your characters, and find the rare drop you need to defeat enemies that grow more powerful the deeper you traverse into the dungeon.
  • Constantly face the risk of permanent death. Once a character dies he/she must be revived by the temple monks, but only after paying a hefty fee is one able to use their services. There is still a risk of the monks failing the incantation leading to permanently losing your character.
  • 42 spell books and spells to find and learn
  • Over 70 rare weapons, armor, accessories, and items randomly dropped by enemies.
  • Build unique party members with different character traits and classes.
  • 8 different classes to choose from (Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Bishop, Ninja, Samurai, Lord)
  • Job change system. Change your characters job by obtaining job scrolls. Customize your character to become the ultimate dungeon warrior.
  • RPG Battle system designed to promote tactical gameplay. One wrong move can lead to the death of your entire party!

The character customization, the risk of permanent death, the vast number of monsters, many with magical powers equal to your own; traps, teleports, and puzzles and much more will keep you on your toes for many hours of fun.


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