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Theme: Day | Night

Labyrinth of Fear

Platforms: Colour Genie   Developer: Algray Software   Publisher: Algray Software   Year: 1983   Tags: Fantasy, Real-time combat  


In Labyrinth of Fear the player gets to return to the dawn of time and enter the Labyrinth of Jarwon where the task is to save the human race from slavery. Within the labyrinth there are five secrets that the player has to retrieve so that humans can be freed.

The game is played from a first person perspective similar to other maze games of its time with the graphics being redrawn for every step taken. Next to the main view there is a map that shows the layout of the level and the locations of the labyrinth's guards. When coming across a guard the player has two options: fight or pay for passage. The fights are played from a top down perspective and involves hacking at the guard with a sword until it dies. The player will also come across various boxes: blue ones that contain the secrets and green ones that might contain gold or an element that can either take or give strength to the player or demand gold. When an elements wants gold it's possible to bargain but if the offer is too low the player might get killed.


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