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Maze Wars+

Platforms: Macintosh   Developer: MacroMind, Inc.   Publisher: MacroMind, Inc.   Franchise: Maze War   Year: 1986   Tags: Multiplayer, Real-time combat, Sci-fi  


This is a version of the very first 3D first-person shooter ever made around 1973 on the Imlacs PDS-1 mainframe computer at the NASA Ames Research Center in California and later on the M.I.T. and Xerox PARC networks. It was the first real-time multi-player game on the AppleTalk network where 30 (but optimally 4-6) players could duel it out. Two players could also play over a modem.

You could play as one of four different robot types in 4 different mazes. You could view the the path of the maze and its branching paths and any other player characters encountered in first-person as well as top-down view. You could fire missiles at other players and use teleporters to move instantly to another part of the maze.


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