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Dinosaur: Resurrection

Platforms: Windows   Developer: Nihon Falcom Corp.   Publisher: Nihon Falcom Corp.   Franchise: Dinosaur   Year: 2002   Tags: Anime, Fantasy, JRPG, Turn-based combat  


Dinosaur Resurrection, a remake of the classic dungeon-crawler RPG Dinosaur, is a first-person RPG in which you take the role of the famous warrior Ash, who is constantly haunted by the spirits of his deceased enemies and comrades. As the game starts he finds himself summoned to the world of Zamhan by a magic butterfly, and thus he sets out to explore the land, completing quests for the town inhabitants and clearing dungeons with the aid of a few companions you can find in the game.

Gameplay-wise the game uses first-person view for exploration, with all movement being grid-based. You can freely explore each town to buy items, get quests, etc. and then you go dungeon-crawling for loot and experience. Combat is turn-based and actually takes place in a separate screen, in which the attacking monsters are presented as cards that await your commands to attack, defend, cast a spell, etc.

The Windows remake revamps all of the graphics, most notably replacing the main view with polygonal graphics, and also includes an arranged soundtrack and mouse support. New features have been added, such as an auto-map and auto-targeting functions, as well as the ability to select different formations for your party.


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