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Theme: Day | Night

Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements

Platforms: NES   Developer: Natsume Co., Ltd.   Publisher: Taito America Corporation   Year: 1990   Tags: Fantasy, Real-time combat  


The evil sorcerer Darces took over our world once again. The only way to defeat him is to find five elemental swords and to combine them into the ultimate weapon which is the only possibility to destroy the villain. Naturally, you, the nameless hero, are the one who is chosen to go on this dangerous journey.

Dungeon Magic is a first-person role-playing game similar to Dungeon Master and Might & Magic. As in the former, instead of the usual turn-based combat you fight your enemies in real time, parrying to avoid their blows and attacking physically or casting offensive magic to hurt them. As in the latter, you explore large outdoor areas, towns, and dungeons.

You will specialize in five kinds of magic, but casting spells reduces your health points. Hence, exploration and defensive spells are more important than direct attack magic.


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