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Theme: Day | Night

EFCC: Escape From Cosmic Cube

Platforms: Windows   Developer: Graverobber Foundation   Publisher: Graverobber Foundation   Year: 2021   Tags: 6dof, dcjam2021, Jam game, Sci-fi, Turn-based combat  


Due to your ties to the Resistance, the Interstellar Office locked you inside the highest-security prison known as 'The Cosmic Cube'. After years of imprisonment, your friends in the Resistance have finally managed to find you.

After establishing contact, you've decided to make a run for it by hijacking the guard ship and navigating through the multilayered maze that surrounds the prison.

Whether you get to live as a free man again or die trying depends on you.

EFCC: Escape From Cosmic Cube is a turn-based 6DoF crawler made for the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021.
Your goal is to escape the Cosmic Cube. To do this, you need to navigate through a 3D dungeon, solve a few simple puzzles, and survive through encounters with guard ships. The game uses 6 degrees of freedom of movement, allowing you to move and look in any direction.
The battles are turn-based and focused on resource management. Instead of using the most powerful attacks and hope for the best, it's recommended to stay cautious and try to survive through each battle with minimal losses. Energy can be replenished, but the damage to the ship is permanent.
You gain experience from each kill. After gaining enough experience, you'll get accuracy or evasion bonuses, along with a damage bonus on each level up.

Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021 rankings

  • 16th in "Overall"
  • 27th in "Gameplay"
  • 34th in "Graphics"
  • 17th in "Audio"
  • 9th in "Originality"
  • 3rd in "Technical"


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