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Theme: Day | Night


Das Geisterschiff is a turn-based cyberpunk adventure/dungeon crawler hybrid with survival horror elements where you play as a mecha pilot working for one of the megacorps.

Tags: Cyberpunk, Horror, Turn-based combat  

Platforms: Linux, Mac OS, Windows  

Year: 2018

Assemble a party, explore the dungeon, fight your way through hordes of monsters, and defeat the Demon Lord in this brutal dungeon crawler. Are you up to the challenge?

Tags: Fantasy, Permadeath, Turn-based combat  

Platforms: Windows  

Year: 2023

Der Geisterturm is a futuristic dungeon crawler with survival horror elements where you fight your way to the top floor of a mysterious tower while piloting your own Robotic Combat Suit.

Tags: Cyberpunk, Horror, Turn-based combat  

Platforms: Linux, Windows  

Year: 2020

Due to your ties to the Resistance, the Interstellar Office locked you inside the highest-security prison known as 'The Cosmic Cube'. After years of imprisonment, your friends in the Resistance have finally managed to find you.

After establishing contact, you've decided to make a run for it by hijacking the guard ship and navigating through the multilayered maze that surrounds the prison.

Whether you get to live as a free man again or die trying depends on you.

Tags: 6dof, dcjam2021, Jam game, Sci-fi, Turn-based combat  

Platforms: Windows  

Year: 2021

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