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Theme: Day | Night

Elminage Original

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PSP, Windows   Developer: Starfish SD   Publisher: Starfish SD   Franchise: Elminage   Year: 2011   Tags: Fantasy, JRPG, Turn-based combat  


With simple gameplay, sense of freedom and even graphics/sound customization, create and raise your very own party of characters before setting forth across this fantasy world to defeat the monsters that lurk in the labyrinth-like dungeons in this 3D dungeon RPG.

For all budding adventurers, the king of 3D dungeon crawler RPGs - 'Elminage ORIGINAL - Priestess of Darkness and The Ring of the Gods ' - has finally arrived on Steam.

The original 3D dungeon RPG has returned!

Create and raise your characters to defeat the monsters that lurk deep in the labyrinth-like dungeons. Its simple gameplay and sense of freedom makes you feel like you are truly inside a fantasy world.

Choose from 16 occupation including the likes of Fighter, Mage and Samurai.
With 9 races to choose from, diverse parties can be created set according to gender, age and their personality. In addition, customize the game to your liking with the graphic/sound functions.

With many events along the way, fulfill the main quest to search for the 5 rings.
Let's open the gates and head out to a new adventure.


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