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The Name of the Rose

Platforms: KC85/2, KC85/3, KC85/4   Developer: André Fränzel   Publisher: André Fränzel   Franchise: Mazes   Year: 1990   Tags: Behind character, Single Character  


"The Name of the Rose" is slightly changed version of "Mazes". An early Maze-Like Game made in East Germany for the "Kleincomputer" (KC) Series by VEB Mikroelektronik "Wilhelm Pieck" Mühlhausen.
In this game you need to run through a labyrinth and collect all chandeliers and find the exit. Depending on the amounts of steps you need, you will receive a highscore.

Notable is that it shows the character on the tile you are standing on, but otherweise has a normal crawler perspective (it only displays tiles infront of you though, no diagonals)
When turning you see the character sprite turning first, before facing a new direction.
Notable difference towards "Mazes" is only the layout of the dungeon, which resembles more of a castle now. Same as Mazes, the game has no combat, and no health system and is added for historical reasons.

As Copyright for Software didn't exist in East Germany and everyone was free to copy everything, it's unlikely the game got a "commercial" release in the usual sense. The game was mentioned in the German Retro Magazine Retrogamer Spezial 1/2016.
The game likely works on KC85/2 as well as KC85/3 and KC85/4 Systems (which is the "Mühlhausen"-Line of the KC)


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