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Theme: Day | Night

Magic and Metal Zero: Tower of Metal

Platforms: Linux, Windows   Developer: Midnight Spire Games   Publisher: Midnight Spire Games   Year: 2020   Tags: Fantasy, Turn-based combat  


Magic and Metal Zero: Tower of Metal is a turn-based, five-character dungeon crawling RPG inspired by games such as Wizardry VI, The Bard's Tale, and Thunderscape.  Explore and conquer five dungeon levels teeming with monsters, machines, and experience points!  This game was developed in two months for the Summer RPG Jam 2020 and includes about 2-3 hours of content.

The story so far:

The alchemist and engineer known as the "mechanist" operates a successful tourist attraction some distance from the city, showing off her remarkably lifelike clockwork contraptions.  Rarely seen in person, she prefers to let her mechanical servants handle her guests (and their money) as she toils in her laboratory - until the day she rode into town in a panic, looking to hire a team of adventurers to storm her own tower.  She has apparently lost control of her experiments, and the tower is now overrun with haywire servants and angry creatures.  Enter the tower, put a stop to the mayhem, and claim your lavish reward!


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