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Note of the Outskirts released
[News] 2020-12-29 10:35:26

CryptRate, who released a free three-level hard-as-nails dungeon crawler in 2018 (review here) has done it again and close to the end of this year released another free scifi dungeon crawler on itch.io.

I haven't had the time to check it out yet except to fire it up and play for a couple of minutes, but it's party-based, turn-based and has a scifi setting, so if that's something you think you might enjoy, try it out. The short description from the game page below should give you an idea.

Close future. Rumors say megacorps are getting mad over a possible treasure. Bandits, mercenaries and opportunistic merchants are showing up, and of course you're too. Whatever it is, you're determined to find it and sell it to whoever will propose the best price. That's where the adventure begins. 

Unlike his previous game, CryptRat has also has included an automap, so that should make the game somewhat more accessible (but probably not too much). You can start either with a given party or build one of your own (there are 7 slots). Characters have six attributes, can improve 21 skills and select from 45 feats.

So give it a try if you enjoy old-school dungeon crawling.


If you want to leave feedback or see how the game developed over time, here's a development thread by the creator.

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