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The people of the kingdom Arkases have mastered the ways of magic, thanks to their connection to the world of spirits. However, the humans used their magical powers to wage war on each other and to disrupt the harmony. Finally, the Golden Dragon told the king of Arkases that his country will be punished for the deeds of the humans. Enter Jedah Chaf, a young man who has left his home village to fulfill his dream of becoming a knight. Will Jedah be able to save his country and to restore peace in the world?

Tags: Fantasy, JRPG, Turn-based combat  

Platforms: FM-7, MSX, PC-88, Sharp X1, Sharp X68000  

Year: 1988

Arcus I-II-III is a full 16-bit remake of the first three PC titles in the Arcus series, Arcus, Arcus II: Silent Symphony, and Arcus III. Each game is presented as a "chapter" of the overarching narrative. The most significant changes is that the second game now uses the first-person dungeon format from the first and third games, and there are also new fully animated and voiced visual scenes that depict important story events.

Tags: Anime, Fantasy, JRPG, Turn-based combat  

Platforms: SEGA CD  

Year: 1993

Twelve years have passed since the half-elf Pikto and his friends have defeated the evil demon and restored peace in the world of Arcusas. But evil raises its ugly head one more time. The capital city is attacked, the soldiers are massacred... Is the powerful sorcerer Vido to blame? But Pikto knows that in order to preserve peace in the land, different races - elves, dwarves, humans - have to unite. He must find faithful companions, venture to dangerous places. and save the world once again!

Tags: Anime, Fantasy, JRPG, Turn-based combat  

Platforms: PC-98  

Year: 1991

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